Design your Tone

All of our series have Shrödinger and Vinci variant.

Master Series

from $1749

Yellow Front Exp W300
Vinci Yellow Front

Ready to ship in a month
Top specification
Satin or Carbon finish

Doctor Series

from $2699

Doctor Front Exp W300
Vinci Camo Front Crop

Ruffaine flavor choice
Satin, Carbon or High Gloss Finish
Multiple material, hardware and pickups options
Updates from production process

Professor Series

from $3199

Professor Front Exp 1200h
Professor Vinci Front Exp H1020

Transparent carbon and fabric finishes
Custom inlays
No limits pickup and hardware options
individual consultations
Custom ruffaine color 

Full Carbon. Top hardware.

Schrödinger Master Series

Starting from $1749

Summit Front Exp W1200
Store Background W2116